Who We Are

My name is Konstantinos Prokopis and I am a 4th generation olive producer in the prefecture of Ancient Olympia. Olive trees have been a hallmark of my family for over seven decades, so from my childhood the passion and love for the olive oil production process took root in me.

The acres of land are located in the prefecture of Ilia on semi-mountainous slopes 200-300 meters above sea level, a climate ideal for the cultivation and development of the Koroneiki variety in our olive groves and nurseries.
The harvest takes place from October to December, a superior extra virgin olive oil with extremely low acidity (<= 0.4) rich in polyphenols.

The pure 'olivecious' products represent memories of our innocent childhood carelessness, with the know-how of an adult.
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E-Olivecious Olive Oil 17
E-Olivecious Olive Oil 12
E-Olivecious Olive Oil 24
E-Olivecious Olive Oil 19
E-Olivecious Olive Oil 2