The Beginning

When I was a child, my grandfather was a very tall man. I was looking at him from down there and I thought I would never reach him. He took me by the hand to "save" me a sweet while drinking his coffee in the village cafe. He took me by the hand to show me his harvest, to teach me the work. He took me by the hand as we went for a walk and he told me the stories from the war he lived through. The same over and over again. As a child, I saw everything as a game. All pure and innocent.

The years passed and I reached my grandfather in height but never in the knowledge he carried. I looked at him with admiration and awe. The grandfather completed his purpose in this world and left for somewhere high. Again I look at him from down here and again I hold him in my arms.

This is olivecious.
Pure virgin products from the olives he so loved and collected for so many years.
To remind us of the innocence of our childhood.